What is a Mutual Fund Asset Management Company (AMC)?


Mutual Fund Asset Management Company (AMC) May be appointed/established by Mutual Fund sponsor or Trustee. The AMC looks after the day to day activity of the assets of the Mutual Funds.

What is New Fund Offer (NFO) and should you invest in it?

New Fund Offer (NFO)
New Fund Offer (NFO) is used by AMC's to offer a scheme to the public for the first time.It contains details of the Mutual Fund scheme offered and in a way it can be compared to an IPO.

What is Statement of Additional Information (SAI), why does investor need to read it?


Statement of Additional Information (SAI) is a document which gives out statuary information about all the schemes of an AMC.

What Is Scheme Information Document (SID) and why should investor read it?


Scheme Information Document (SID) is prepared by an AMC for a particular Mutual Fund scheme and submitted to SEBI for approval.It contains exhaustive details of the scheme, which the AMC modifies or updates from time to time as mandated by SEBI.