Mutual Funds in India are a well regulated and professionally managed set up who follow rules and regulations by SEBI.

Who regulates Mutual Funds in India?

Mutual Funds dates their origin to the year 1963 when First Mutual Fund UTI was set up in India. It has come a log way since then. SEBI is the main regulatory body for Mutual funds in India. Sebi was established in 1988 and was later given regulatory power (read more about role-of-SEBI-in-mutual-fund). It passes various regulations and sets norms and guidelines for Mutual Funds to follow. Other than SEBI following are the regulatory institutions;-

  • RBI
  • Finance ministry.
  • Stock exchanges.

The way Mutual Funds are setup and regulated, there are checks and balances at every stage.Read  Further about Mutual Fund setup in India.