A Registrar and Transfer (R&T ) agent is an institution or an intermediary which looks after the backend paperwork of the Mutual Fund.It helps the Mutual Fund House in reducing the workload and smoothening the process of investment related work.

Roles Of Mutual Fund Registrar and Transfer Agent

The role of a  Registrar and Transfer Agent is to act as back-end solution for a mutual fund and help in smoothening up the functioning of the Mutual Fund.The Mutual Fund house appoint it to tide over the lack of skilled power problem and get business from tier-2 and tier-3 cities where they don’t have their own offices.Some of the  Registrar and Transfer Agent in India are CAMS and KARVY.

Benefits of  Registrar and Transfer Agent for Mutual Fund House

Having a  Registrar and Transfer Agent has many benefits, some are listed as follows-

  • Helping in maintaining records of investors transactions like buy, sell, personal details, KYC etc.
  • Helping Mutual Fund House tide over the lack of skilled manpower.
  • Help reduce transaction costs.
  • Provide a one-window solution.
  • Generate business from remote cities.
  • Help carry out timely transactions.
  • Help provide investors with timely information about their investment.
  • Help investors who are not investment savvy with filling up of details regarding their investments, like applications, forms etc.

Benefits for investor


As an investor, it is very important to know about Registrar and Transfer Agent and location of their offices in your city.The benefits to investors are similar to benefits to Mutual Fund House. you don’t have to go to each and every Mutual Fund office. Most of them are serviced by Registrar and Transfer Agent. In the case of any doubt regarding the filling of some details, help of staff can be sought.Registrar and Transfer Agent also are the source of investment knowledge which they provide to investors, the same can be taken benefit of. But the best benefit is that when you invest through Registrar and Transfer Agent the investment is free for you as it is considered as the direct mode.


Mutual Fund Registrar and Transfer Agent helps both the Fund House as well as the investor.It is an important source of cost reduction for the Mutual Fund and ease of investment for the investor.