SEBI is a regulatory organisation for financial markets in India.It created the Investor Protection and Education Fund IPEF in year 2009. Although this fund was created originally in 2007 but it was given regulatory power two years was initially set up with an initial corpus of 23.15 crore rupees.

Management of the IPEF.

An advisory committee has been set up by SEBI to look after the fund and utilise it in professional way. Members of the committee have enough knowledge of the markets and also about problems of the investors.

Money for the fund


SEBI Investor Protection And Education Fund(IPEF)

Various agencies and means are utilised for creating and maintaining  corpus for the IPEF like-

  • Contribution from SEBI
  • Grants and donations from central or state governments or any other agency.
  • Security deposits of derecognised stock exchanges
  • Interest income of the fund


Objective Of The IPEF 

As the name itself suggests, its meant for the protection and education of the investors but broad objectives for which the fund is utilised can be as follows-
  • Investor education activities like seminars, training ,research and publications.
  • investor awareness through various means of mass communications like print electronic etc.
  • Aiding investors associations in legal awareness and proceeding.


Its a very important step by SEBI in the interest of the investors. It gives them financial means to achieve awareness and be informed